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Upcoming Shows

February 7, 2012     Dr. Werner Antweiler, Sauder School of Business: On International Trade
February 14, 2012    Dr. Courtney Booker, Department of History: On Medieval History
February 28, 2012    Dr. Mark Vessey, Principal, Green College: On Green College
March 6, 2012    Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl, Faculty of Education: On Human Development, Learning and Culture
March 13, 2012   Dr. Rashid Sumaila, Director, UBC Fisheries Centre: On Fisheries and economics
March 20, 2012  Dr. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Roman Studies Cambridge University: Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor.
March 27, 2012  Dr. Rena Sharon, School of Music: On Collaborative Piano
April 3, 2012        Dr. Rosie Redfield, Department of Microbiology: On bacteria and sex
April 10, 2012       Dr. Julio Montaner, Faculty of Medicine: On Aids research
April 17, 2012        Dr. Dietrich Jung, Green College Visiting scholar, University of Denmark
April 24, 2012        Dr. Jaymie Matthews, Department of Astronomy: On stellar astrophysics

May 1, 2012  Dr. Andre Marziali, UBC Engineering Physics: On Engineering Physics

Interview with Dr. Carlos Ventura, Civil Engineering

Dr. Carlos Ventura, Professor

Dr. Carlos Ventura, Professor

Professor and, Director of Earthquake Engineering Research Facility

Location: CEME – Room 2018
Telephone: 604.822.6946
Facsimilie: 604.822.6901

Research Interests:
Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, instrumentation and testing of structures.

Upcoming Shows

January 10th – James Tansey, Sauder School of Business
January 17th – Rosie Redfield, Microbiology
January 24th – Erica Frank, MD
January 31st – Werner Antweiler, Sauder School of Business
February 7th – Alejandra Bronfman, History
February 14th – Kim Schnoert-Reichel, Education
February 21st – Andre Marziali, UBC Engineering Physics
February 28th – Mark Vessey, Green College

January & February 2011 Shows

February 15

Dr. Carlos Ventura, from the department of Civil Engineering will discuss his role as the Director of the Earthquake Engineering Research facility at UBC as well as some of the recent seismic trends in structural engineering.

February 1

Dean of Arts and Haitian scholar, Gage Averill will discuss his new role at UBC as well as his recent Grammy nomination for his project, Alan Lomax in Haiti: Recordings for the Library of Congress, 1936-1937.

January 25

Dr. Perry Adebar from the Department of Civil Engineering will discuss structural engineering as a field of study as well as his current research on Concrete Structures and Seismic Design.

November 2010 Shows

November 30

Dr. Brandon Konoval from the School of Music will discuss his current research and and cross appointment in both the School of Music and the Arts One Programme.

October 2010 Shows

October 19th

Dr. Marilyn Chapman will discuss her role as the lead researcher and author of the new guide for full-day kindergarten in the province, as well as her role in directing the Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research in UBC’s Faculty of Education.

October 5th

Dr. Neil Safier from the Department of History discusses his new class on the history of Amazonia as well as his recent trip to Manaus, Brazil.

September 2010 Shows

September 21st

Dr. Ken Bryant from the UBC Department of Asian Studies will discuss his upcoming class on Bollywood film as well as the histories of the languages of Urdu and Hindi in literature and popular culture.

September 7th

Professor Gu Xiong, UBC Department of Art History and Visual Art discusses his exhibit “Becoming Rivers” at the Museum of Anthropology;how his work focuses on the dynamics of globalization and on identity shifts for individuals and local cultures, addressing how integration and assimilation, histories both collective and personal, and cultural synthesis cut across boundaries.

May 2009 Shows

May 11th

Dr. Janet Werker, Director of the Infant Studies Centre Speech and Language Processing, UBC Department of Psychology. Dr. Werker discusses her research of infants growing up bilingual and language acquisition in infancy; speech perception, cognitive development and parent-infant communication.

May 4th

Dean Emeritus Marty Hollenberg, former UBC Dean of Medicine discusses some of the accomplishments made by the faculty of Medicine while he was Dean during the years 1990-1996; as well as what he is currently doing outside of academia since his retirement.

April 2009 Shows

April 27th

Professor Alfred Hermida from the UBC School of Journalism discusses how journalism and forms of media are changing (he is an authority on digital journalism, having been a founding member of as well the rise of social media and the role of citizen journalism.

April 20th – Guest Host Andy Torr

Professor Scott Hinch from the UBC Faculty of Forestry discusses his research on salmon migration as well as his role as Director of the UBC undergraduate program in Natural ResourcesConservation; the largest and fastest growing applied environmental science programs on campus and one of a kind in Canada.

April 13th – Easter Monday

April 6th

Professor Emeritus and renowned pianist Robert Silverman, from the UBC School of Music discusses his beginnings; what ultimately motivated him to become a pianist and teach piano at UBC and how he continues to strive to “bring notes on a page to life as vividly as possible”.

March 2009 Shows

March 30th

Dr. Carl Wieman, Nobel laureate, discusses his beginnings and the research that led him to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001.  He also discusses the goals of the Carl Weiman Science Education Initiative at UBC to achieve highly effective, evidence based science education for all post-secondary students by applying the latest advances in pedagogical and organization excellence.

March 23rd

Dr. Michael Hayden, UBC Department of Medical Genetics and Canada’s Health Researcher of the Year, 2008.  Dr Hayden discusses his goals to understand how changes in specific genes result in specific diseases, usually in adult life, in particular Huntington disease.  He also discusses his Ripples of Hope Foundation that will bring trainees from Africa to Canada to study in four areas of global health.

March 16th

Professor Tara Lee, Department of English discusses her research interest in minority Canadian Literature, specifically Asian Canadian literature and her motivation for and philosophy in teaching it.  She also answers the question, what can you do with an English degree besides teach?

March 9th

Dean of Applied Science, Dr. Aboulnasr discusses her recent appointment to the faculty as well as her research in Electrical Engineering in the field of digital signal processing and her role as the principal investigator on an interdisciplinary inter-university project on smart hearing aids with Siemens, Germany.

March 2nd

Cathleen With, MFA graduate from UBC Creative Writing Department discusses the debut of her first novel, Having Faith in the Polar Girls’ Prison.

February 2009 Shows

February 3

Professor Benjamin Perrin, from the UBC Faculty of Law; a speech that he delivered to the BC Human Rights Coalition and the United Nations Association in Canada on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights last December 10th, 2008.

February 10

Prof Talk features a panel lecture from last October; experts from the UBC Departments of Economics and Political Science form a panel to discuss factors leading up to the current global financial crisis. The panel was called “Balance and Blowup” – an analysis of the current financial crisis. Panelists Dr. Paul Beaudry and Dr. Michael Devereux from the Department of Economics.

February 17

Part two of “Balance and Blowup” – an analysis of the current financial crisis. Panelists Dr. Angela Redish from the Department of Economics and Dr. Yves Tiberghien from the Department of Political Science.

February 24

Doctoral student Sonja Klinsky from the UBC Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability talks about her thesis titled: Across Years, Lands and Oceans: Justice and Scale in Climate Change Policy Decision Making.

January 2009 Shows

January 6
Professor Keith Maillard, UBC Creative Writing Department
Keith Maillard discusses his current work. He is an internationally acclaimed writer and novelist, specialising in fiction and poetry; and he also Chairs one of North America’s most successful Creative Writing programs.

January 13

Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi, The Institute for Resources, Environment
and Sustainability, UBC
Professor Dowlatadabadi discusses “Why we have been failing to take on more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies; and why adaptation to climate change will be so much more difficult than academics have been postulating”

January 20

Dr. Ira Nadel, The UBC department of English
Ira Nadel discusses his most recent projects and new work: a biography of the American playwright and filmmaker David Mamet, pub. Feb. 2008 and a book co-authored on the Golden Gate Bridge entitled Golden Gate Bridge, History and Design of an Icon, also pub. in 2008. New work: a biography of the American popular writer and author of Exodus, Leon Uris.

January 27

Professor Benjamin Perrin, UBC Faculty of Law
Benjamin Perrin discusses his current research on Human Trafficking in Canada which is the first comprehensive account of Canada’s involvement in human trafficking for sexual exploitation as well as his involvement at the Third World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Children held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Nov 25-28

November/ December 2008 Shows

December 16th

Professor Alan Matheson, UBC School of Music.  Alan Matheson is a Canadian trumpeter, pianist, composer and arranger. Alan currently teaches trumpet and jazz piano at UBC.

December 9th

Doctoral student T. Todd Jones, UBC Department of Zoology.  Groundbreaking research of critically endangered leatherback turtles; part two of a two part series on the current crisis of the world’s marine ecosystems.

November 25th

Dr. Daniel Pauly, Director of UBC Fisheries Centre.  Management of world’s fisheries; part of a two part series on the current crisis of the world’s marine ecosystems.

November 18th

Dr. Michael Zeitlin, Department of English: William Faulkner, aviation and fascism.  Doctoral student Simon Rolston, Department of English: Contemporary American prison writing

November 11th

Dr. Marvin Westwood, Department of Education and Counselling Psychology.  Returning veterans; treating post traumatic stress disorder.  Dr. Sherrill Grace, Department of English.  RSC Symposium, “The Cultures of War and Peace”

November 4th – Debut of Prof Talk

Doctoral student Mehre Gomez Fonseca, Womens Studies.  Stephen Harper’s apology to residential school survivors.

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